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Time to reconsider… September 2, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Business Solutions.
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I just read an article on Entrepreneur.com that I thought is very true and something that each business should think about in their business processes.

Article: Why Your Business  Needs a True Database

I think that this is something that business might want to consider when they are working on their processes.  This is definitely a matter of “right tool for the job”.  In many scenarios, products like Excel are great for solving a business need.  It is not the solution for every data problem.  Spreadsheets have issues that are solved by databases.  If you are crunching numbers and doing simple formulas Excel is a great solution.  If you are trying to track the inventory in your 7 warehouses across the country Excel probably is not the solution.

Although, it may cost a little bit up front the productivity gains, increased functionality, and removal of many headaches will more than make up for the expense.  It’s something to think about.