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Thank you for clicking into my profile page.  Let me be your tour guide.

First on your right, here’s a little about me

First as you probably already know I am Jeremy Lattimore and I am a creative problem solving guru.  My passion is help people utilize software to truly make things more efficient.

It should make your life easier not more complicated.  That is why I created Borea Systems.

This general belief is also what led me to start blogging on my Refocusing Technology Blog.  This concept is truly a passion so I want to help people find ways to think and be more efficient even if they aren’t contracting with me.

Take a few steps forward and on the left, my Refocusing Technology Blog

What does “Refocusing Technology” mean?  Two things.

First, for many years technology, especially software, has revolved around storing and reporting on data.  The focus needs to change.  It is time that we start focusing on a simple question: “What makes the business more efficient and effective?”.  Through a smart use of software business can realize gains without the overhead of the older mindsets.

By implementing smart technology, you can speed up your processes and remove the requirements on manual intervention that can free your staff to pursue other businesses needs and opportunities.

Second, many businesses have spent years focused on their technology.  I think that it is time that change as well.  Technology should be focused on the business not vice versa.

A technology partner should be tuned into what is best for the business and help to provide those solutions without slowing the business down.

Basically, technology should help the business grow and excel.  It should not ever be a roadblock to growth.

Right down the hall you’ll see Borea Systems

Borea Systems, Inc. is the real world entity that was born out of the vision.  By owning the refocused mindset and combining that with experience in software and business, Borea is able to help guide companies to a more efficient future.  We are focused on helping you refocus your technology to make your business better.

If you look up just a little you’ll see my Social Networking…


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Other Stuff

I am pretty passionate in the political arena as well.  Please come check out my Principles over Party blog so you can agree/disagree with me!  You may not agree with me, but that is what makes us strong!


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