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A Post about Attitude December 3, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Business, Business Solutions.
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Alright, I’ll admit that I am not certain that this post is completely about efficiency or technology but go with me here.  I just read an article that, while simple, points out what is needed to get the economy rolling and building business and jobs again.


In this article Seth Godin outlines a very simple perspective:

The best way to deal with the economy, at least right now, today, is to sell.

I think that he hits the nail on the head.  Instead of simply sitting back and waiting for things to get better, make them better.  This to me is all about attitude.  If you keep your mindset on success that is the direction that you will be headed no matter what the weather.  That is why I think that Seth’s blog is so powerful in it’s simplicity.  What do all businesses do to succeed?  Sell.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily just mean go sell products/services to clients.  It also means sell your visions, your goals, your plan, etc to your partners, your employees, and your investors.  This means sell the idea of making your business better and more successful to everyone.  As Seth says in his article ‘Sell your optimism”.  I think that is extremely important that you keep your focus and keep driving.  If you do others will follow.

It’s easy to get caught on defense. Easy to spend your time reacting to incoming alerts, getting angry about unfair cutbacks, putting out fires here and there. If you do that, you’ll keep doing it, because things just get worse… they usually do.

It is way to easy to take a defensive posture in this type of market.  It is hard to step out and drive your business.  It’s scary. 

The alternative is to take a posture of growth. To realize that great small businesspeople are always selling something to someone. It’s a key part of being a leader and a critical component in running your company.

This is very difficult and it goes against the grain.  But, that is exactly how you grow that business.  If it were easy why would anyone have a job? 

So, with all that said, I would encourage everyone to drive their visions.  Make your businesses more efficient, position your business to explode when things pick up, and sell those visions to everyone around you.

I read this post and honestly kind of view it as a call to arms for small business owners.  Now is the time to get your businesses ready and prepared to boom.  Go for it!



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