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Borea Systems’ New Website November 4, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Business, Social Networking.
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I am excited to be able to finally post that my company’s new website has been launched.  I am very excited by the new design and think that the content will prove helpful if someone is looking for help. 

Here it is: http://www.boreasystems.com.

I would love to be able to say that I have the graphic skills to put together this look but, alas, I do not.  I would like to thank Beth Allison Wickerson for help with the graphics and design of the site.  She is a great partner with a great design vision.

I look forward to feedback on the site and I intend to add to the content as time allows.



1. Robert Stanke - November 4, 2008


I love the new look and feel of the website! Very classy, sleek, and professional all at first glance. I will have to dig through the content a bit more later, but the first impression is very positive!

– RS

2. Beth Allison Wickerson - November 5, 2008

I am very happy that you are pleased with the site, and proud to have this site at the top of my portfolio.

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