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Efficient Business Study October 17, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Business Solutions, Efficiency Process, Efficient Technologies.
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As I was looking through some articles I found one that really my attention (Commentary: Technology improves efficiency, services throughout Long Island).  This article discusses how the The Family and Children’s Association in Long Island is dealing with the economic downturn.  They are striving make themselves more efficient.  I think that this is a great focus for times like this.

One of things that I noticed in the article is discussion of collaborating with other organizations.  This is a fabulous idea and something that every business can consider.  Are there ways for you to integrate with you vendors, partners, or customers?  This can give you multiple benefits. 

  1. You can actually help the other organizations and yourself become more efficient.  
  2. You gain credibility with your customers/clients because you are working to save them money.  You can really become a value add.
  3. By making your vendors more efficient you may be able to have lower costs. 
  4. Integration can make your relationships stronger.

There are many other reasons but you get the idea.  Doing this type of collaboration can be trying at times but it can yield significant benefits if you follow it through.



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