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Green Business: How to allow technology to green up your business September 29, 2008

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In today’s world of high energy prices and changing priorities many companies are considering how to be more environmentally/energy friendly.  Of course, this is the green movement.  I definitely feel that it is time for our society to start making changes to be more responsible.  Many people think that this will require huge investments and difficult transitions in order to make this happen.  I am not completely certain that’s true.

Decrease mail volume

By decreasing mail volume you would be decreasing resource usage in two major areas: oil and paper.  Of course it takes gasoline to move your mail around the state/country/world.  Now, at least right now you can’t replace all shipping but you could probably replace quite a bit.  Think about utilizing electronic invoicing, electronic collections, online payment, etc. to decrease your need for mail services.  Many companies invest huge amounts of money to send invoices and follow-up letters and to handle the incoming payments.  By doing these simple things you could green up your business.

Decrease paper usage

How many of your processes involve printing out a document?  Do you need a printed copy?  How many times does it really need that person’s signature?  I have found that in many cases the paper document is unnecessary, it’s the approval that is important.  If you were to utilize a document management and routing system you could handle all of this process without the need for the paper to be printed.  Also, this allows the document to be retained in an online repository so there is no need to store it in the file cabinets that take up precious office space.

Another potential option to do this is the fax-to-email services provided by many vendors.  This allows any incoming fax to be sent directly to email.  This can also be integrated to go directly into your document repository.


By putting in place electronic document storage, fax-to-email, and accessible business systems, it will allow you to be able to allow more telecommuting for you and any employees.  By doing this you will decrease the amount of oil that they burn to get to work everyday.  Because they can access your business systems from home they still have the ability to do the job you hired them to do.

You can also implement online collaboration tools (i.e. SharePoint, Google Apps, etc.) that will allow you to share documents and ideas over the Internet.  This allows your people to correspond with each even if they aren’t in the office. 

Sum it up

This is barely scratching the surface of what is possible but it should show that many of the possibilities are well within reach if you want to make your business more green.  Many times it is simply thinking through how to lower your “footprint” and then utilizing the existing capabilities of technology to acheive those goals.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in finding ways to use technology to green up your business or just make it more efficient.



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