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What is a business system? August 18, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Efficiency Process.
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When I utilize the term “business system” it has a very simple meaning.  It is the system or process that makes your business run.  It is not a software system or piece of equipment, it is simply the steps that your business goes through to provide your product or service.  This may be all manual or in some cases it may be completely outsourced.  It really depends on your business and your way of providing your product or service.

Successful franchise businesses have recognized the value of business systems.  They have analyzed, documented and reproduced that same system in each of the franchises.  Think of McDonald’s, no matter where you get a cheeseburger in the United States they are pretty much identical.  This is due to the system that McDonald’s has put in place to provide their product.  This allows them to provide their product in a uniform fashion with millions of different people preparing it.  This is a business system.

Many other businesses have never even spent the time to realize they have a system in place or have never tried to determine if their system is the most efficient for what they provide.  In many cases their business system has been dictated by reacting to circumstances that have arisen while trying to provide their goods and services.

In the next post we will discuss how a business system analysis can help to provide businesses with a more efficient mechanism of providing their product or service.



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